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“InterNET advanced promotional tools application for increasing AWAREness of social exclusions movement”

One of the challenges emerging at European level is to enhance the quality and reinforce the dimension of higher education by encouraging transnational co-operation between higher education institutions, promoting mobility of students and higher education teaching staff, improving transparency and academic recognition of studies and qualifications throughout the Union.

The Intensive Programme (IP) is a short programme of study which brings students and teaching staff from different participating countries together with non academic experts, in any field of study.

The project partners  of the Intensive Programme Internet advanced promotional tools aplication for increasing awarness of social exclusions movement have come together in the shared desire to provide awareness among participants about existing social problems, which are social exlusions and provide the marketing tools to facilitate the problem.

The main aim of this project is to prove that the innovative solutions from among Information and Communications Technology (ICT) could be used in order to increase social awareness and struggle with diverse social exclusions.

The IP focuses on:

  • to sensitize participants to the social problems,
  • to support non-profit organizations’ activities in fighting against social exclusions and lack of social awareness,
  • to disseminate tolerance and openness to different cultures and respect for cultural differences thanks to working in multinational teams,
  • to create and then develop international acquaintances among students and professors which could be meaningful to later experience,
  • to create closer integration between Eastern and Western Europe and overcome stereotypes existing on both sides,
  • to provide knowledge from field of modern and innovative promotional tools, which will improve students professional qualifications and make the beginning of professional career easier.

This year NetAware will fight against sexual bias exclusion and financial exclusion

NetAware is a programme developed by the AwareNet Club Members.